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Reimbursement's a hassle. We're here to help.

We get it: therapy isn’t cheap. We’re here to conquer your insurance woes. If you have a PPO insurance policy or out-of-network benefits, Hubpsych will handle your reimbursement to make your care more affordable. Our automated billing process enables us to submit your insurance claim within 48 hours of your therapy session, so you can get paid quickly and hassle-free. 


We’ll also submit your first 2 claims for free — no questions asked! Subsequent claims cost $8.50/claim, supporting us in working to make therapy more affordable.




Upload your bill

and insurance card



Get paid!


Upload your bill and insurance card.

Medical Insurance Terms and FAQs

Medical insurance is unnecessarily complicated. We’re here to simplify it for you. Here’s a list of terms and frequently asked questions. Feel free to drop us a line or type out a question into our chat box below for more info!

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