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A Guide to COVID-19 & Los Angeles Therapy

In the span of a couple of weeks, COVID-19 has radically reshaped society as we know it. Stay at Home orders have severed our traditional social ties, restricted our ability to engage in our normal routines and placed an extraordinary burden on our mental and emotional well-being. Early reports, which have been widely covered by national media organizations, have honed in on a growing mental health crisis brought on by the lack of certainty and pervasive loneliness associated with COVID. These times of extraordinary hardship call for extraordinary efforts to harness our emotional resiliency, build community and rely on one another.

It is helpful to remember that as we experience these hardships together, there is a collective strength that we can draw upon. It is never a bad time to ask for help. Mental health professionals are working tirelessly to make themselves available and can help find our inner strengths and skills to power through these challenging times. We might not be able to single-handedly control the impact of COVID, but we can learn to better cope in these ever changing environments.

Knowing how to identify the tell-tale signs of emotional exhaustion and mental health issues in ourselves and loved ones is the first step towards having productive and healing conversations. If are experiencing any of the following behaviors or moods or observing traits in others, professional mental health support is advised:

  • Prolonged feeling of irritability and/or anger

  • Confused and murky thinking

  • Excessive worrying and fear

  • Extreme mood changes

  • Drastic changes in sleeping patterns

  • Major changes in eating habits and/or appetite

  • Excessive changes in energy levels

  • Overly poor performance in school or in the workplace

  • Excessive use of alcohol and/or drugs

Naturally, some of these feelings are bound to occur, especially as the social context around us changes. But, being in tune with your own feelings and the feelings of those around you are helpful in pinpointing if something is amiss. There is no shame in asking for help and early and timely conversations can be crucial in building a community and support system for friends and family. If you are in need of the support of a mental health professional in the greater Los Angeles area, Hubpsych’s 50+ mental health specialists are available to support you via tele-therapy. Hubpsych’s unique concierge assessment and referral process will help ensure that you find a therapist best able to meet your unique needs.

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