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A healthier you begins with a commitment to self-love and inner resilience. At Hubpsych, we believe in the power of effective therapy to develop these skills and create lasting mental health transformations. We’re here to help you find the care that you deserve.

Meet the Team

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Yona Remer


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Passionate about healthcare and entrepreneurship, Yona founded Hubpsych after watching family and friends struggle to navigate the US mental health industry. Yona’s belief that transparency, accessibility and an emphasis on client experience will usher in the next transformation in healthcare is at the forefront of Hubpsych’s mission.


Yona brings with him over four years of experience in the mental health industry, having worked since 2015 as the Director of Corporate Strategy at Resilience Treatment Center-- a leading provider of intensive mental health care. Yona is also a 2021 MBA Candidate at UCLA Anderson School of Management with a concentration in finance and entrepreneurship. 


Yona earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in History from UCLA in 2014 and a Masters in Sciences from the London School of Economics in 2015 where he studied Economic history. He wrote his Master’s thesis on the formation of the 1990’s dotcom bubble from a behavioral economics perspective. Yona is a lifelong Angeleno, committed to reshaping the local healthcare industry to better meet the needs of clients.

Advisory Board


Robyn Caruso, LMFT,  CEDS

Robyn  Caruso is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist. 

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Krystyl Wright, LCSW

Krystyl Wright is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and  DBT-trained clinician. 

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How does the Hubpsych assessment tool work?

Hubpsych’s live chat tool offers a mental health assessment in real-time. The assessment lasts between 8 and 10 minutes — covering approximately 20 questions — and adjusts to your specific needs and challenges. The assessment starts with broader questions, screening for more common mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Based on the information you provide, the tool includes more detailed and thorough inquiries to root our potential diagnostic features of challenges you face and to better understand your specific needs.

How does insurance reimbursement work?

Mental health care remains one of the most inaccessible and unaffordable areas of healthcare; more than 60% of area clinicians do not readily accept insurance and instead expect clients to independently seek reimbursement from their insurers. This often leaves clients to navigate an endless maze of confusing policies and processes on their own. Hubpsych’s internal billing system streamlines and simplifies this process — we do the work for us. Upload your superbill directly to us or ask that your therapist forward the bill to us post-session and we’ll submit it on your behalf. In fact, we’ll submit your first 2 claims to your insurance on us! Subsequent claims cost $8.50/claim, supporting us in working to make therapy more affordable.

What if Hubpsych doesn't have a provider that fits my needs?

It's possible that we don't yet have a provider perfectly suited to your needs in our network. But that won't stop us from doing our best to help. We’ll still give you the necessary guidance, insight and support for searching beyond the Hubpsych network. At the same time, our team will begin an advanced recruitment process to ensure that our network includes providers who can adequately address your needs moving forward.

How does Hubpsych protect my information?

Hubpsych is committed to the full protection of our clients’ information. Hubpsych is HIPAA compliant, meaning that it operates under full regulation and compliance of a traditional medical practice. We communicate exclusively via encrypted channels, and will never release information without full client consent. At Hubpsych, finding the care you deserve includes feeling supported and protected in the process.

What is psychotherapy?

Talk therapy is a clinician-led intervention with the purpose of helping clients through emotional challenges, mitigating symptoms of mental health issues, and cultivating self-efficacy. Psychotherapy is conducted with individuals, couples and groups and traditionally lasts 50 minutes (90 mins for couple/group sessions). There are nearly a dozen evidence-based modalities within the umbrella concept of psychotherapy, each with unique qualities and features that are suited to specific disorders, temperaments and client experiences.

How are clinicians within the Hubpsych network vetted?

Controlling for quality is fundamental to our ability to serve clients. As such, we have strict criteria for ensuring that Hubpsych clinicians provide highly effective and specialized care to our clients. The Hubpsych network is by invitation only. Clinicians are invited to join Hubpsych based on their track record in the community and reputation for specialized care. Further, our application process includes a license check and clinical references from providers' colleagues and mentors. We value providers with specialties, as these clinicians are able to offer our clients more focused services.

Who can benefit from psychotherapy?

Everyone! There is substantial research that points to an enduring fact:
psychotherapy works. For long-term therapeutic gain and the development of necessary skills and tools to overcome interpersonal challenges and build healthy relationships, psychotherapy is the leading treatment option. Whether you or a loved one is struggling with a disabling diagnosis or could use help navigating life’s challenges, psychotherapy acts as a supportive foundation for sustained improvement.

Which areas does Hubpsych currently serve?

Hubpsych is unique in its emphasis on local solutions to systemic mental health issues. We currently serve the Greater Los Angeles area exclusively, and are committed to cracking the mental health puzzle locally before expanding into other cities. If you think your community could benefit from Hubpsych’s services, reach out to us on our contact page or through the live chat tool.

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