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A healthier you begins with a commitment to self-love and inner resilience. At Hubpsych, we believe in the power of effective therapy to develop these skills and create lasting mental health transformations. We’re here to help you find the care that you deserve.

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Yona Remer


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Passionate about healthcare and entrepreneurship, Yona founded Hubpsych after watching family and friends struggle to navigate the US mental health industry. Yona’s belief that transparency, accessibility and an emphasis on client experience will usher in the next transformation in healthcare is at the forefront of Hubpsych’s mission.


Yona brings with him over four years of experience in the mental health industry, having worked since 2015 as the Director of Corporate Strategy at Resilience Treatment Center-- a leading provider of intensive mental health care. Yona is also a 2021 MBA Candidate at UCLA Anderson School of Management with a concentration in finance and entrepreneurship. 


Yona earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in History from UCLA in 2014 and a Masters in Sciences from the London School of Economics in 2015 where he studied Economic history. He wrote his Master’s thesis on the formation of the 1990’s dotcom bubble from a behavioral economics perspective. Yona is a lifelong Angeleno, committed to reshaping the local healthcare industry to better meet the needs of clients.

Advisory Board


Robyn Caruso, LMFT,  CEDS

Robyn  Caruso is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist. 

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Krystyl Wright, LCSW

Krystyl Wright is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and  DBT-trained clinician. 

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What if I cannot attend some of the live sessions?

No worries- all live sessions will be recorded and you can access them at any time.

What makes this program different from others?

The Medicine Woman course program is designed to give you a full body experience of your own inner magic, starting with a grounding into self-empowered bodywork that provides the foundation for all the energetic layers to unfold. Women have reported feeling that the course does not just take them "up there" into the spiritual realms, as can be the case with this type of work, but actually puts them into profound connection with their sensual, intutive selves in every day life. It consists of a carefully curated selection of body, womb and dream shamanism practices designed to fast-track you to living your life as your most blissful, creative and aligned woman self.

I have imbalances with my cycle / reproductive health. Will this course support me?

Absolutely! In fact, women with cycle imbalances are frequently draw to this work and find some of the biggest shifts by connecting with their bodies and their wombs. Sometimes a period returns that has been missing for years, and in other cases women find a new celebratory joy around their monthly cycle simply by reframing the way they relate to their womb. Some women have even received direct messages from their womb about steps they need to take to enhance their fertility. If you are experiencing issues around your cycle, diving into this work can help you find a new pathway of healing that remained hidden previously. Should you choose to continue to the full facilitator training, your own transformation experience can support you in becoming an authentic facilitator as you will know just how powerful this work is based on your own lived experience.

What kind of impact can I expect from this work in my daily life?

The course is designed to be easy to digest in your day-to-day life while also inviting you to make connections between what happens in your body, your inner magical realm and the world "outside" of you. The program is based on best practices in self-empowered bodywork and inner dream journeying, imparted in a way that is aimed at integration into every aspect of your life. This aligns deeply with the feminine mystery teachings which are about becoming a weaver of our own life and seeing the magic that lies hidden in plain sight. Some women have changed their careers and started new projects right after the course, while others experienced an embodiment into completely new bliss sensations that they didn't know existed. The effect on each woman is unique, but what they all share in common is that they allowed this work to become part of their daily reality in a truly enchanted yet practical way.

Does this course count towards the full certificate in Medicine Woman Arts?

Yes, this course is one component in the full certificate in Medicine Woman Arts. If you wish to become certified as a facilitator of Medicine Woman Arts, you will also need to complete the in-person retreat, the sacred union course and one of the programs in the Holistic Somatic Healing curriculum.

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